How to make the best hummus

Hummus is a creamy and super-smooth food that anyone would love to enjoy. It is a popular dish in Mediterranean and Middle East. Chickpeas is the key ingredient that you can find behind hummus. Along with chickpeas, you will be adding lemon juice, tahini, salt and garlic. However, you are provided with the freedom to get more adventurous by including few additional ingredients to hummus. You can prepare hummus at the comfort of your home. Keep on reading and you will figure out the steps to follow.

Ingredients needed:

Let’s first take a look at all the ingredients that you would need to prepare hummus at home.

  • Chickpeas

As mentioned earlier, chickpeas is the most prominent ingredient behind hummus. You can purchase organic chickpeas, which you can add directly into hummus.

  • Tahini

Tahini is responsible for delivering a unique flavor to hummus. You just need to make sure that you are buying best quality tahini

  • Garlic

If you are interested in delivering a garlicy flavor to hummus, you can buy them.

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Ground cumin
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Cold water

Steps to prepare hummus:

Now you are aware of all the ingredients needed for preparing hummus. After getting these ingredients, follow these steps and you will be able to end up with making hummus.

  • Mixing ingredients

As the first step, you should mix tahini, garlic, fresh lemon juice, ground cumin, salt and olive oil in a food processor.

  • Add in chickpeas

You should rinse the chickpeas in warm water. Then you should properly drain them. After that, you can add chickpeas into the mixture.

  • Puree for four minutes

Now you should get the help of your food processor again to puree the ingredients. You should be doing this for a period of around four minutes. Then you will be able to see how you are making smooth and nice hummus. You can also pause one or two times, so that you can scrape the sides. In case if you notice that hummus is too thick, you will need to add a bit more water. Make sure that you are adding water in small amounts. This is where a tablespoon will be able to help you with.

  • Season and taste

You can now think about providing hummus with the unique taste. This is where you will need to add extra cumin, salt and lemon juice. You have all the freedom to play around with these ingredients according to your wishes, so that you can end up with getting the perfect taste as per your preferences.

  • Garnish and serve

Now you have come to the last step, where you can garnish and serve hummus. This is where you need to take a serving bowl. You can also think about adding any preferred topping into it according to your preferences.

Follow these steps and enjoy homemade hummus. You will fall in love with the taste!