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Iced Hazelnut Coffee Coolers

Ingredients: 2/3cup instant coffee (dry)1 1/2cups hazelnut-flavored nondairy liquid creamer1cup water1/4teaspoon ground cinnamon8cups milkWhipped cream, if desiredGround cinnamon, if desired Steps: 1In medium bowl, mix coffee, creamer, water and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, stirring until coffee is dissolved. 2Pour into 2 ice-cube trays. Freeze at least 3 hours or until hardened. Transfer cubes to plastic storage …


Coffee And Dessert: How To Make This Perfect Tiramisù

Award-winning food blogger Bernard Laurance has a fantastic new cookbook out, and if you’re a fan of baking at home, you’ll want to pick up a copy. With dessert recipes from around the world, Baklava to Tarte Tatin has something for every sweet tooth. Head to Italy for a lightly caffeinated, heavily delicious confection that comes together in no time.  Tiramisù …