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Leek, walnut & goat’s cheese pasta

Make this quick and easy pasta dish with leeks, walnuts, goat’s cheese and garlic and chilli flavours. Full of flavour and texture, it makes a speedy supper Ingredients: Directions: Nutrition per serving:

Dinner & Lunch Pasta

Feel-good pasta soup

Try our take on comforting pasta e ceci. Seasoning is key, and a drizzle of good olive oil and a scattering of hard, sharp cheese will really bring it to life. Ingredients: Directions: Nutrition per serving:


Pesto alla Trapanese

There are numerous variations on pesto today, such as garlic scape and cilantro-packed pesto, but there’s also a lesser-known ancient take on pesto: pesto alla Trapanese. The sauce is made with garlic, salt, cheese, herbs, olive oil, vinegar and almonds.  Notes Note: If tomatoes are in season, replace the canned and sun-dried tomatoes with 1 1/2 cup garden-fresh tomatoes. Ingredients …


Hearty Spaghetti Casserole

This inexpensive and hearty casserole is made rich and zesty by tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, green pepper and cheese. It is a cinch to put together and will work with just about any type of pasta. Serve this comforting baked noodle dish with garlic bread and a green salad, and you’re sure to please both …


Lamb Ragù

Lamb Ragù makes up for a hearty meat sauce topping on spaghetti. Changing things up a bit, lamb meat is tender than beef. You can also prepare a big batch on a Sunday night and freeze the leftovers for pasta cravings during the week. A hearty, warm and delicious lamb Ragù with spaghetti or pappardelle …