Making Roasted Peaches With Basil Mascarpone Cream

One of the defining foods of summertime is peaches. Peaches are a very healthy food that tastes great in a variety of dishes, and nearly every person enjoys having a good peach. Because of peaches’ sweet flavor they are a food that can easily be made into dessert dishes, and serving peaches after a summer meal can make the evening complete.

One of the best ways to enjoy a good peach is to serve it with Mascarpone cream and basil. At first you may not think that basil goes well with peaches, but the tarter flavor can very much compliment the sweet flavor of peaches. The basil can also go a very ways towards the completed dish having a much more complex flavor, and the light colors of green can make the Mascarpone cream look a little bit more palatable. Another important aspect of the basil is that it helps a person not think that the Mascarpone cream is ice cream during their first bite.

The process of making this dish does not take very much time. The first thing you need to do is to prepare the peaches. This is done by washing them, and then cutting the peach in half. You should also remove the pit from the peach. Take some care to avoid damaging the flesh of the peach while you are taking the pit out of it. This will help your completed dish to look better.

You can know bake your peaches. You should put then on a traditional baking tray, and then put them into an oven that is heated to four-hundred degrees. You do not have to turn the peaches while they are in the oven, and you should be able to take them out after thirty minutes. Once the peaches are done cooking they will be covered in a light yellow-brown glaze that is made out of the cooked flesh of the fruit. This glaze is very sweet, and you should not take it off of the peaches. If there is any cooked peach that has fallen off of a peach, you can simply put it back onto one of the peaches.

You can now put your Mascarpone cream onto the peaches. You should have already cut some basil for the cream, and can stir it into the Mascarpone cream as you take it out of the container. The basil should mix in well, and it is not important to have an even distribution of cream on the peaches. You should put a small bed of Mascarpone on plate, and then put a generous helping of Mascarpone onto the top of the peaches.

You can then cut up a couple of thicker pieces of basil. You should spread the pieces of basil out over the top of the peaches. This is for color, but will also help to add a little bit more of the delicious basil flavor to come through during each bite. You don’t need to dress up the peaches anymore, but you can add a rim of Mascarpone around the edges of the plate if they want some more.

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