Monstrous Milkshake Madness

There can be no better recipe than a Monstrous Milkshake Madness to beat the summer heat. A monstrous mash-up of all delicious stuff found in the freezer aisle, the Monstrous Milkshake Madness is sure to steal your hearts.

This super refreshing and delicious dessert can be prepared in a jiffy and takes only 10 minutes. The recipe below will yield you a serving for 2 people. However, you can adjust the quantity of the ingredients as per your need.


1.Frozen Turtle Cream Pie2 single-serve slices
2.Frozen chocolate2 slices
3.Frozen Belgian mini cream puffs16
4.Chocolate frosting2 tablespoons
5.Chocolate sprinkles2 tablespoons
6.Hot fudge sauceAs desired for drizzling
7.Vanilla ice-cream (or any preferred flavour)5 cups
8.Milk               ¾ cups


Step 1:
Before starting with the milkshake, let’s prepare the toppings. For this, insert a skewer into the back end of each slice of frozen pie and the slices of cake. The wooden skewers help keep the pie, cake, and cream puffs from sinking in our milkshake. Preferably use a wooden skewer.  Place 4 frozen cream puffs on each skewer.
Place this on a plate and keep frozen until you’re ready to top our milkshake.

Step 2
To garnish the glasses, spread frosting around 1-inch of each rim and decorate with sprinkles. Drizzle inside of glasses with hot fudge, and refrigerate until ready to fill.

Step 3
Blend the ice cream and milk for about 1 minute until it turns smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture in each of the glasses and garnish each milkshake with a skewer of pie, cake, and 2 skewers of the cream puffs.
Finally, drizzle the all with some chocolate sauce and serve immediately.