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These 13 Halloween Cookie Decorations Are Scary Brilliant

Halloween cookie decorations that just kill it with creativity.

1. Day of the Dead Edition

For the cookie, these beautiful rattlin’ bones use the Best Rolled Sugar Cookies recipe.

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Photo by galletita

2. Eeek!

These chocolate mice are simple to make. “I made them for a business meeting held right before Halloween,” says Barbara. “The adults were laughing and enjoying them just like kids would have. They’re very easy to make and delicious.”

Chocolate Mice

Photo by Allrecipes

3. Rattlin’ Dem Bones

Another gorgeous Halloween cookie decoration.

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Photo by Galway Girl

4. Sometimes the Locals Are Unfriendly

Let these Halloween cake balls be a warning that delicious times are dead ahead.

Cake Balls Skulls

Photo by Treasure

5. Acorn Candy Cookies

“So cute and so simple to make for a Halloween treat or anytime during the Fall,” says Cheri.

Acorn Candy Cookies

Photo by Allrecipes

6. Haunted Oreos

“This is perfect for Halloween treats and very easy to make,” says Rain DeDogg.

Haunted Oreos

7. Witches’ Hats

“Super easy to make, and so cute,” says jmelusky. “I attached the Hershey’s kisses with frosting and made orange ‘ribbons’ around the hats in true Halloween spirit.”

Witches' Hats

Photo by sanzoe

8. Jack o’ Pops

Turn cake balls turn into amazing Halloween jack-o’-lanterns.

Cake Balls

Photo by Treasure

9. The Terrifying Specter of a Tulip

“All you need for these ghost cookies is a cookie cutter in the shape of a tulip and then turn it upside-down,” says barbara. “If you don’t have that one, you can easily freehand the ghost shapes. These are great giveaways for trick-or-treaters and a nice alternative to all the candy.”

Halloween Ghost Cookies

Photo by Allrecipes

10. Spidey to the Rescue

With this decoration, even the cookies get a Halloween costume.

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Photo by love4EJ

11. The Cookie Monster Mash

Googly-eyed Cookie Monster may be the least threatening Halloween monster ever.

Michelle's Soft Sugar Cookies

Photo by Allie

12. Undercover Candy Corn

Cookies disguised as the quintessential Halloween candy? We’re in!

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Photo by footballgrl16

13. Brittle Bones of Meringue

“Crispy and sweet with a little bit of spookiness,” says fishieking. “These tasty little treats are perfect for Halloween.”

Meringue Bones

Photo by Alana Kadas