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Here you will find recipes and instructions on how to prepare delicious soups, salads, seafood dishes, pasta, deserts, and more. Surf through our web pages and you will discover recipes that seem complicated to be simpler than you think. You are sure to find a recipe or two you will want to try or a tip that will help you to improve your skills. Enjoy!


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Learn a delicious way to use up ripe bananas with this recipe:

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Another delicious idea, this time made with ripe peaches:

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Every page has a video that is instructional and full of valuable information. These short videos show you step by step every item you need and exactly what to do. More than just great recipes, this site is also chock-full of cooking tips and instructions. For example, there are instructions on how to clean a whole salmon for those who have never done so. Many people who cook do not know how to make fresh tomato sauce, or how to identify the different types or culinary salts and their uses. Surf through our webpages and learn how. Are you tired of throwing away bananas that have become too ripe? Try our easy banana cake recipe and the problem is solved. Our instructional videos will show you how to do all these things, and much more.