A Fresh and Cooling Summer Dessert with Plums Nectarines and Melons

A Fresh and Cooling Summer Dessert with Plums Nectarines and Melons

A soup made out of fresh fruit is the perfect summertime dessert. Fruit soups have become very popular because they are so light and easy to eat after a full meal. They are low in calories, high in nutrition and they cool you down, which makes them a favorite with everyone throughout summer.

The next time you visit the farmer’s market, you can fill up your basket with plums, nectarines and watermelons because they make a most refreshing combination for this sweet and tart soup. If you want to change the flavor, you can always add a different fruit and remove one.

You will need a:

• Food processor or blender

• Large strainer

• Large bowl

• Wooden spatula


• 1 pound of chilled black plums

• 1 pound of nectarines

• 2 cups of water

• 2 tablespoons of agave nectar

• 1 lime

• ½ cup of watermelon

• Mint leaves for garnishing

Method of Preparation

1. Make sure all the fruit has had time to chill.

2. Peel and dice the plums. Remove about half of a cup and keep aside to add into the soup at the end.

3. Dice the nectarines.

4. Remove seeds from the watermelon, cut it into small chunks and keep it in the refrigerator to add into the soup at the end.

5. Put the plums, nectarines, two cups of water and agave nectar into the food processor and pulse three or four times . Agave nectar comes from the same plant that tequila is made out of. It is a natural sweetener that is a good option for those with diabetes as it does not cause blood sugar levels to spike.

6. Pour the mixture through a strainer into a large bowl. With a spatula, help to push it through the strainer until all the juice is out and only the puree is left. The finer the strainer you use, the smoother the soup will be. You can discard the pulp as all the flavor of the fruit has been taken out of it, and so it won’t be used for anything.

7. Add in the zest and juice of one lime. This step is optional; however, it is highly recommended as it gives the soup extra freshness and heightens flavor.

8. Add in the watermelon chunks and the diced plums you put aside and stir.

9. The soup is now ready. Pour it into your serving plate and garnish with mint leaves. Paragraph

This soup can be served chilled or at room temperature. If you want a chilled soup, make sure you put all the fruit in the refrigerator beforehand and start with cold fruit. Then you can make the soup and serve it immediately. This soup also makes a nice base for a smoothie or sorbet. So don’t worry if you have any left over. Just put it into small containers and freeze it. You can also pop a frozen piece into your water to flavor and cool it on a hot summer afternoon.