French Silk Pie

Traditionally served chilled or at room temperature, French silk pie is a popular dessert loved by many. It is a very creamy and chocolaty pie, a very popular offering in pie shops. This pie is extremely easy to make at home. Very suitable for parties and other occasions it makes a delicious dessert. In this recipe, you will learn how to make French silk pie in a few easy steps.


Preparing a French silk pie will take about 40 minutes with an additional 10 minutes of cooking time. If served chilled, add a few minutes of chilling time.
This recipe yields a pie for 6 servings.


1.Refrigerated pie crust1 sheet
2.Sugar2/3 cups
3.Room temperature eggs2 larges (3 small)
4.Melted unsweetened chocolate2 ounces
5.Vanilla extract1 teaspoon
6.Softened butter1/3 cups
7.Confectioner’s sugar2 teaspoons
8.Heavy whipping cream2/3 cups
9.Whipped cream and chocolate curlsAs per taste