Pan Roasted Diver Scallops with Sweet Corn And Red Peppers

Sea food can be one of the most delicious dinners in the world if it is prepared right. From crab, to lobster, trout, to halibut, sea food is a healthy choice for a a very tasty dinner. There are many different types of seafood to choose from, and making that choice many seem a little overwhelming. Scallops are actually a very tasty choice when you are choosing what to make for your meal. There are many delicious ways to prepare scallops. The side choices with scallops can even add to the tastiness of this dish. By learning the proper way to cook scallops, you will be able to create a tasty delicacy that will impress your friends and family.

Pan roasting has been a great way to prepare food for many different types of dishes. Pan roasting chicken can give you a very tasty outcome. Pan roasting scallops is arguably the best way to prepare scallops for a tasty meal. When pan roasting your scallops, you are able to achieve a caramelized and browned outside, which adds to the deliciousness of your scallops. Caramelizing your scallops can seem like a tricky task, but by following some basic instructions you will be able to achieve these results.

First off when you are making your pan roasted scallops, you are going to need those jumbo scallops. For this recipe we will be using 4 jumbo scallops. Make sure that you are purchasing these jumbo scallops from a seafood market, or a trusted market where all of the ingredients are as fresh as they can be. Living in land locked states makes this a bit tricky, yet there are still marketplaces out there that are dedicated to providing you with the freshest sea food available.

Along with these pan roasted scallops, there will be added a nice ragu of sweet corn and red peppers. This will give a great taste to the scallops, adding some additional flavor and crunch. Sweet corn and red peppers are great to use with many different dishes such as chicken marsala or halibut oscar. Make sure that you choose fresh ingredients when you are looking for your sweet corn and red peppers. For your red peppers, there are many farmers markets that offer very fresh local produce. There are also sweet corn stands in many states that offer the tastiest sweet corn around. It is much better than store bought corn.

This recipe will be enough to serve 2 appetizers. To get right to it, first off you will need four jumbo scallops. The other ingredients you will need are two cups of canola oil, and a quarter cup of chopped up onions. These onions will really give you some distinct flavor in your dish. Also, you will need to have a half cup of that sweet corn, two tablespoons of chopped scallions, two tablespoons of diced red peppers, and a tablespoon of freshly chopped basil. Let’s not forget the final touch though. You need to remember to have on hand some fresh ground pepper, and some sea salt as well.

The tools that you will need to get your job done in the kitchen are fairly simple. You will need a good solid cutting board. You will also need a good sharp knife. To cook your ingredients, you will need two saute pans. Make sure that when you are in the kitchen you are practicing your safety. You need to make sure that you are careful around open flames and sharp knifes.

You need to make sure that you cut up all of your veggies, and then saute them lightly in one of your available pans. With your sea scallops, you are going to want to use your canola oil, get your pan up to a high simmer, and set those puppies in there. You need to make sure that you get some of that oil onto each scallop. Add some seasoning with your freshly ground pepper and sea salt. Leave your scallops in one place and let them caramelize. This take about 2 minutes on each side of the scallop. Once they are ready add the veggies and voila, you now have a delicious seafood dish.

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