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The Best Tomato Soup for Your Palate

Tomato soup, as the name implies, is a soup that has tomatoes as the major ingredient in could be served cold or hot and could be prepared in different ways. At times, it is prepared to be have a smooth feel or texture and at times, it is prepared to have a rather rough feel or texture, especially when there are chunks of tomatoes in the soup. Often times, a tomato soup may be topped with vegetable stock, cream or chicken. There are no hard and fast rule as how to prepare tomato soup, should you can experiment with a variety of recipes. This article however, discusses a very easy to make type of tomato soup.

What is awesome about the tomato paste recipe and procedure we are about to discuss apart from the fact that it is delicious, is that it so very easy to prepare!

What Do You Need?


Olive oil

Tomato paste

Vegetable broth

Whole tomatoes


Northern beans





Place a pan on a heat source and turn in the olive oil. fry the onions in the oil until it becomes tender. Turn in the tomato paste afterward. Allow the paste to cook for some minutes. Turn in a can of whole tomatoes and vegetable broth. Reduce the heat source ad allow the vegetable broth and whole tomatoes to simmer for some 30 – 35 minutes. You may not break up the tomatoes since you will still need to blend up the cooked mixture in a blender.

After the soup have simmer properly, turn the mixture in a blender and add the sugar, northern beans, salt, pepper and butter, then blend up. The northern beans will help the mixture attain a creamier feel and texture. The sugar will help balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. The butter will enrich the flavor of the soup.

Blend everything up until you have a fine and smooth mixture. You easy to prepare tomato soup is ready, serve and eat. You may serve with green salad, grilled cheese sandwich or whatever you wish to serve with it.

Why Should You Love the Recipe Above?

You should love the recipe above because the soup can be easily prepared with basic pantry ingredients.

Also, the soup is both creamy and cream-less – the butter and beans in the soup make the creamy feel and texture achievable.

Awesome is the fact that the soup is gluten free. For those who are allergic to gluten, this tomato soup is the soup for them. In addition, since there is no flour added to the soup to thicken it, vegetarians can consume the soup without any fret.

What is more?

If there are fresh basil leaves available, the soup can be easily made into tomato basil soup. To make the tomato basil soup, form the point where you have turned the soup in the blender and have added the other ingredients, simply add a handful of basil leaves to the soup in the blender then blend up. Make sure to blend until the basil leaves are shredded and broken into tiny pieces in the blender.