Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo

We all love desserts that come along with raspberries. You don’t always have to go out to enjoy such desserts. You will be able to prepare such a dessert at the comfort of your home. From this guide, we will share more details on how you will be able to prepare Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo at the comfort of your home.

Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo is a perfect dessert available for you to make during summer. All your family members would love it. One of the best things about this Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo recipe is that it is gluten free. You can also prepare the recipe within just 20 minutes.


Following are the ingredients you need to have to proceed with preparing Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo at home.

  • Three tablespoons of honey
  • Six large egg yolks
  • One cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 2.5 tablespoons of chopped pistachio nuts
  • Eight ounces of fresh raspberries

Make sure that you purchase the freshest raspberries available out there. That’s because the quality of raspberries you buy will be able to contribute a lot towards the taste you can get out of the dessert.

Steps to follow

When you have all ingredients needed, you can follow these steps and proceed with making the recipe.

  • Combine the ingredients

First you will need to take the egg yolks and mix that along with honey. Make sure that you are using a large bowl to get the job done. In addition to that, you will be able to get a perfect mixing experience with the help of an electric mixer. When you are beating the ingredients, you will figure out how they are doubling the volume. Along with that, it would become creamy and pale. This will take around 10 minutes.

  • Beat heavy cream

You should take a separate bowl and use that to beat heavy cream. You will need to be using the electric mixer for it as well. Mixing for just four minutes would be enough. Then you can fold cream gently to the egg yolk mixture.

  • Pouring your mixture into the pan

Now you will need to take a loaf pan. Use a parchment paper for layering it. Make sure that you keep an overhang on two sides of the pan. Then you will need to add the mixture to the pan. While doing that, make sure that you make the top smooth. Once you are done, cover that with the help of a plastic wrap.

  • Freeze

You should now freeze your dessert for 1.5 hours in the freezer. After that, you should take it out from the freezer. This is where you will need to stir in pistachio nuts and raspberries. Then you should continue to freeze for four more hours.

  • Serve

Make sure that you allow Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo to soften before you serve. Keeping it out of the freezer for just 15 minutes would be enough. You can cut into slices and serve.