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A Drink That Is Always In Style

The Manhattan is a very classic American drink that is loved by many people in the United States and beyond. The Manhattan was originally made popular in about 1860. There was a bartender who worked at the Manhattan club in New York City and he created this drink for a special night.

It is believed that the bartender came up with this drink in order to have a special cocktail for Winston Churchill’s mother in honor of a very important presidential candidate that she favored. They were having an event for this candidate and they wanted the evening to be very unique and elegant, right down to the drinks.

This bartender tried out many different combinations and variations on drinks and he decided to make a drink with a bourbon base. This special cocktail was made for all of the guest that were there for that event. The drink was very successful at the Manhattan club and it made it very popular. Since it was made at The famous Manhattan club, the drink then became known as the Manhattan.

The Manhattan is a drink that is actually very simple to make, and there are many different variations on it as well. The classic Manhattan is made with a few key ingredients. The main first ingredient is bourbon, next comes sweet vermouth, bitters, Marciano cherries, and of course ice. Depending on the amount of people that the drink is going to be made for, the measurements of the drink have to be different. All of those ingredients are put into a cocktail shaker and after the drink can been mix well and together, then it is drained into a classic cocktail glass. When the drink has been mixed to perfection the last thing that is needed is the cherry in the glass.

There are many different variations of this drink such as the Tijuana Manhattan which is made with tequila, the Cuban Manhattan which is made with rum, the Metropolitan which is made with a little bit of brandy, and the perfect Manhattan which is made with equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth. Another very popular Manhattan is the dry Manhattan which is made with only dry vermouth and no sweet and it also has a twist. Finally the Rob Roy is a popular version of the Manhattan and it is made with Scotch whiskey.

This drink has been loved by many people for over a century and the different versions of this drink are also well known. The Manhattan is definitely a crowdpleaser regardless of where it is made , because not only is it a very smooth and delicious cocktail drink, but it is also a drink that is simple to make. The many different variations of the drink make it so that everyone can find a Manhattan cocktail that they can enjoy. Even though this drink was made over hundred years ago, it is still very popular today, because it is a drink that is classic and chic.